The day that he turns F.I.V.E..

as salam..

Blogging mood is still on fire (chewahh!!!) wait until the spidey come and start making the 'sawang' here... hahahaha 

As u all know, Iskandar birthday is on 2nd of january.. and for this year we were not really celebrating it.. due to hubby condition, i was not planning anything special for his birthday.. what came in my mind only to buy a cake and sing a birthday song and blow the candle in the hospital's room T__T

But Alhamdulillah, hubby has discharged from hospital on 2nd january and after settled all the procedures we went to Pizza Hut Setiawangsa to give Iskandar birthday treat.. 

After the main course, we asked Pizza Hut's staffs to bring the dessert and sing birthday song to birthday boy.. He was so shy when everybody in the restaurant sung the birthday song..

My cheeky but shy lil man..
On behalf of Iskandar, i would like to thanks all u for the birthday wishes..

Happy 5th birthday dear Iskandar.. Mummy love u!!!



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