Talking with iskandar : lagu Iman!!!!

as salam..

Happy Monday to all... First entry in 2014 after 6 days of new year is not a good sign!! ohooonooo.. well im trying very hard (o_O seriouslly?!!) to put "updating blog frequently" in my azam's 2014 lists..


today I would like to write a sweet moment that I've shared with Iskandar on our way back home from his school this afternoon in the car.. 

As usual, I like to ask Iskandar what he had learn in school the whole morning.. sometimes when he in a good mood he will talking all the way home or else he just keep quite and put on his "malas layan mummy" face.. So today while we're chit-chating, suddenly he shouted "mummy.. lagu iman!!" and pointed to the radio.. Yup, lagu Iman adalah mutiara (im not sure the tittle of this song) by Raihan if im not mistaken... and that was the first time he heard to the song i guess..

While the song is being played...

"iman tak dapat dijual beli... ia tiada di tepian pantai"

Iskandar : mummy, kenapa Iman pegi beach?!!

"tanpamu iman bagaimanalah........"

Iskandar : iman pegi mana?!!

"...... engkau mendaki gunung yang tinggi.... merentas lautan api....."

Iskandar : mummy, Iman pegi mana mummy?!! gunung?!! lautan api?? what is lautan api???

Mummy  : *speechless* dont know which one i should response first...

Iskandar : nanti Izz nak cakap dengan abah Izz dengar lagu Iman..

Mummy  : yup, u should tell abah!!! *still speechless* 


He just tooo cute!!


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