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happy monday all!! 

since today my boss on leave so i have a free time for the whole day hahahaha NOT!! lot of paperworks on my table to be checked buttt i can do it in my own sweet time and at this moment i fell like blogging soooo lets treasure the moment..... ^_^

my iphone sounded weird everytime it receive text's notification since yesterday and i blame 'air liur' adik Iman for that, mummy and abah bought so many teether's toys for Iman but his favorite still our fingers, handphones/astro's remote control and my nipple (ouchhh!!).. 

Speaking of Iman, he now can moving around the house.. he's not crawling yet, but more like slithering on his stomach and also using his rolling over methods.. Iskandar refers his adik as crocodile!! Iman likes to eat brown rice + veggie/banana's porridge and he can ate a bowl-full of it in one session.. so giving him foods is not an issue.. He really admires his abg Izz so much and everytime he hears abg Izz voice he will turn his head and start searching his abang eventhough while breatfeeding..

Iman has eczema.. the red rashes appear on his cheeks and at his 'pelipat' legs and arms,  also at his abdominal area.. I avoid using steroid as medicine so I just put ezerra cream at the red spot.. the red rashes will disappear after a few days but will occur when there is something trigger its back.. I'm not really sure what can trigger eczema in Iman's case but since Iman is fully breastfed so now I have start to watch my diet and cut any nut in my menu, next is diary products.. its upsetting when i can't enjoy the chocolate bar with nut anymore T__T but anything for u Iman!!! I'm praying hard this condition won't last longer and hope the eczema problem will settle as he grown up..

Do u have any suggestion to 'fight' eczema? please drop me a comment or email.. thankssss!!!

Iskandar loves his baby adik so much, eventhough sometimes the 'sayang adik' ways are shown through pulling adik hair, throwing away adik toys and yelling to adik loudly but we know he loves his adik hahahaha

He can be counted on taking care of his adik for the short time, just enough for mummy to take a bath or to makeup.. 


Despite of his 2 years of schooling, waking up and ready for school is still a BIG problem for Iskandar.. Againnnnn i'm praying hard for this problem to be settled soon or else every morning like a war zone in our house... Not a good way to start a blissful day!!!

on his first day of school.. *senyum paksa*

Ok... I have to stop now and continue with my lunch break ton of works..

So long... ^_^ enjoy the rest of ur monday and just remember that tomorrow is public holiday (maulidur rasul) so don't be too in monday blues mood!!!! Cheeseee!!! ^_^

Astagfirullahhalazzim!! Lets selawat...



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