2nd Pregnancy : My WISH lists..

as salam..

Here's my wishlists for this time pregnancy.. Those are big items and a bit pricey, that's why i'm calling it wishlist, hehehe so if i cant get it.... well nevermind, it just a wish maaaa ^_^

Quinny Zapp Extra Stroller + Maxi Cosi Carrier
(already bought it with hubby's bonus, ours is black)

Looking forward for this, Medela Free Style Breastpump

Tommee Tippee Steriliser + Warmer
Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Ok, thats all for now.. ^_^ *blinking eyes to mr hubby*



ddfirdaus said...

your 3rd and 4th tu my wishlist jugak. Aku bercita2 nk try either tommmee tippe or safebaby ke hapa untuk feeding bottle baby. tukar angin la dari MAM..ada 2 bottle kecik dhani masih ok. sterilizer pakai abang punye jer la..bile dah anak kedua ni mm lebih mengarut wishlist, bukan makin sikit makin banyak yg topup2 nye..

HaNiE said...

aku pon nk try tommie tippie tu, sterilizer tak penah ada so this time ngegade plak nk beli, ngabiskan duit jek hehehe