Cookies and Bake Keledek..

as salam..

My nightmare became reality!! I've walked to the office this morning, while "hujan gerimis mengundang" huhuhu I is sad!!! My car still in flat tyre and my friend who suppose to give me a ride took an EL, owhhh nooo!!! Hahahaha don't be so dramatic lah.. walking alone by myself is not sooo that "scary"!! in fact I think is a healthy way to start a day but not walking while its raining lah.. 

Enough with the "merepek" thing.. Actually today I would like to share our (me and Izz) activities on last wekend while his abah is away from home.. First time to be alone with my son (including bibik) after we moved in the new home... well more to come, I guess!! 

On Saturday morning, we went to Pasar Tani to buy regular stuffs (fish, veggies, fruits, angry bird helium balloon etc) but I forgot to buy "keledek" (I've been planning to bake keledek for minum petang since friday).. We went back home around 11 and I just let Izz watched his fav channel.. I've asked him, "what u wanna do today? Jusco or bake some cookies?" He answered, "nak buat cookies!!!"

So after performed Asar's prayer, we started our project to bake a cookies..

lil' chef in action.. he spoiled 2 eggs on the floor (nasib baik ada bibik nk mengemop)

end result...

Izz really enjoyed the cookies and he ate half of the cookies in the jar by himself..

On Sunday, we went to Jusco for shopping, yeay!!! and this time I bought "keledek".. After reached home, immediately asked bibik to bake the "keledek" in the oven.. and the hasil was soo delicious, keledek bakar in the house yoo!!! hahahaha

keledek in the oven..

keledek bakar with some salt n sugar..

Ok, it was just a bored weken hahaha.. Ok guys, have fun in whatever u do!! See u soon ^_^



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