Izz Iskandar... mummy handsome boy!!

as salam..  

Alhamdulillah, mummy lil' boy already entered his 4th years old early this month.. Nothing to describe my feeling watching my son growing up infront of my eyes, from a cute lil' baby to this young handsome man, thank u Allah for giving me this opportunity..

Izz Iskandar still my manja baby, like to be cuddle and pampered by mummy and abah.. Despite of the fact that his going to be a big brother soon, Iskandar still co sleeping with us, had tried a few tips to make him sleep at his own bedroom, we’ve decorated his room with angry birds cartoon from the curtain to the bed sheet, but nothing works so far.. But personally, i felt it’s ok, coz the king size bed is too big for me and hubby, hahahaha..

He has started his formal preschool at PASTI last 3 weeks.. Believe me, it is not easy to get him ready every morning to school, he got so many excuses for morning call, so many dramas from that lil drama king.. He only enjoyed and excited on the first day of school, other than that for the 3 weeks (.... and counting!!) was disaster... Sangat menguji kesabaran kami and few times already kena rotan, not good for a rest of the day kan.. I really need help on this, for those who can share how to have a happy kid to school, please please give me the tips!!! I think Iskandar like to go to school, but the only problem is to get him ready every morning.. He sleep early sometimes before Isyak (the limit is 10 o’clock at the night for shut down) but still have problem to wake up the next morning..

I have a feeling that Iskandar is going to love his baby adik hehehe coz he likes to kiss my belly (his baby adik literally!!) and likes to say this “Izz nak baby girl, nanti boleh main masak2!!” hahahaha mummy wish for that too.. But when we said “ kalau baby boy?” He answered “baby boy boleh main ball!!” so he doesn’t really care baby adik is boy or girl actually.. Iskandar had accompanied me for my 2 previous checkups/ultrasounds since his abah was too busy with works, so he got attach and know he has baby adik in my belly..

Other than that, he still an active boy and has so many ideas to do.. Likes to watch cartoon, play (read : destroy) with his toys, going out for jalan-jalan, follow his abah to exercise at the park and do another stuffs like other kids.. Owhh yes, he likes to bake with his Acik Ieyan too..

He still likes to use his standard merajuk statements, "Mummy marah Izz, mummy tak sayang Izz, Izz taknak sayang mummy, nak sayang abah aje!!" and make his merajuk face..

What ever it is, mummy and abah will always love u Iskandar..

Be a good boy, abg Izz!!! ^_^


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