F.I.V.E!!!! Alhamdulillah

as salam...

Selamat Hari Asyura, 10 Muharam... ermmm best kan kalau dapat makan bubur lambuk hehehehe *tetiba*

Today marks our 5th year anniversary, alhamdulillah!! No fancy celebration for today coz we're celebrating one of hubby best friend's wedding, so pengantin lama sila ke belakang hehehe.. Syahril aka Kaduk is his best friend since uni year until now and they work with the same company.. Well, to make it short what i can say is, yes!! them both are really close especially when kaduk is single and available, always 'berkepit' together, eventho while our dating time ^_^ and by the way, personally i think Kaduk memang sengaja pilih today's date (24 Nov) for his big day too, so that he can celebrate anniversary together with my hubby hahahahaha..

Alhamdulillah after a few 'tradegies', he finally settled down with a gorgeous cute lady, Hana... Again, we wish u a happily ever after guys!! Enjoy ur marriage and stay strong together..

Back to my 'story' ^_^

Yesterday someone gave me a durian crepe, yes! that famous crepe thats always appear in fb recently and making me craving of it.. But that durian crepe gave me unplesent experiance, i had a headache and few time of threw up 'sessions'.. Durian crepe giving me food poisioning, waaaaaa!!! Lucky me it didn't last longer, after a little nap between maghrib to isya' period i've got better.. So after fetched hubby up from LRT station we headed straight to Jusco AU2 for dinner, erkkk actually for our anniversary eve dinner, but not with my sick tummy so we decided to have a simple meal, Jusco pon boleh lah!! After that bought a wedding's gift for Kaduk and did some quick grocery shopping...

So this morning, we planned to start it early coz we wanted to be at Kaduk's nikah ceremony... But everybody woke up late (i blamed Iskandar for this coz he dragged us to sleep at 2 am) plus extra time for my make up session hahahaha.. So we only managed to be at the bride's house after their nikah ceremony, but oklah it just in time for photo session... Then we went back home to take 'keris' for Kaduk and went there again for his sanding time.. Fuhh!!! it sound tiring but actually it take only 15 mins driving je... After makan2 we mintak diri... After asar, i send hubby off to LRT station coz his going for outstation, again!!! every weekends in the row this month..

Now, i'm having pizza with my lil hero while watching his cartoon, on my anniversary night!!! hahahahaha i'm blessed... I'm hoping for a bling bling anniversary's gift ye sayang!!

Owhh by the way, if u reading this, that lil fish already gone and can i just let it 'floating' in the tank until u come back home?! i'm soooo geli to touch his dead body, ewuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Ok, its time for my beauty sleep, wish me luck to put Iskandar on bed too... Good night everyone, and u too darling!!
Nite nite... ^_^


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