Salam Ramadhan 1433H

salam Jumaat..

Alhamdulillah, pagi yang cerah compared to yesterday.. 

Izz pun recovering well from his on off fever, yesterday evening I got sms from his cikgu reporting his temperature are slightly high and getting cranky.. After fetched up his Abah, we went to Jusco for groceries shopping and suddenly his fever went off.. Haha hubby said, "he's ur son!! kaki shopping" LOL... 

but today, deep inside me I felt a lil bit frustrated, luckily I have my hubby to support me and his words, "we will try again, jangan sedeh" are my kata semangat to still standing until this moment.. T__T

On other bright side, I can't wait to start solat tarawikh tonight, alhamdulillah we meet again Ramadhan.. Thanks Allah.. 

To my readers and all my sayangs, i wish u all a barakh Ramadhan and happy fasting!!


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ddfirdaus said...

try harder k. Bulan barakah ni insyaallah diperkenankan doa..