My First Baking Class

as salam..

Hai semua!! Erkkk entry ini dibuat khas untuk menjeleskan Cik Dayang Balkis, hehehe (I hope u read this babe!!)

A couple nights back, I followed my sister to join a baking class.. My first baking class ever, before this if buat cake suka suki hentam sendiri aje, usually I just follow the recepi that I copy from internet or youtube and the results biasanya not so bad lah but ada juga yang masuk tong sampah terus hehehe.. 

I didn't planned it actually, at first I just drove her there, but since my sister was the only student that night so I thot of tag her along, hehehe..

We started our class at 8 pm and ended around 10.30 pm.. We did bake hmmm not really la sebab what we did was kek kukus, hmmmm 3 different type of kek kukus, kek kukus buah, brownies chesse kukus and kek chocolate kukus... A bit penat sebab the resepi didn't use mixer, just guna tangan, lenguh okey but much easier to do it..

This pics I took from Kak Ninie fb sebab I still tak tahu how to transfer pic from iPhone T_T

kek kukus chocolate
brownies cheese kukus.. sedap sangat!!
kek kukus buah.. I never like kek buah but this one adalah sangat sedap, seriously!!

So girls, our next gathering kita buat kek kukus ye.. And carrot cake wanrose jugak.. 

Bye!! Janganlah 'sentap' with me.. Peace ^_^


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