Welcome Back..... February

as salam...

I can't sleep T_T and I'm blaming coffee blanded for that, hahahaha or maybe I should blame myself for woke up so late this morning, yaaa that sounds more justify, so lets merepek ^_^

Iskandar having eye infection, so mummy had to take leave and become nurse, teacher and tarzan at home.. His routine were still the same, watched cartoon from woke up until the time to sleep again.. In the middle of that, he also done a few things like colouring the book, playing with his toys and others but still insisted cartoon to be played on the tv.. It was like 'perkara wajib adalah bukak cartoon', so mummy jangan harap nak tengok drama... *mummy pitam*

Ok, enough the story about Iskandar, by the way he is getting better eventho giving him a ubat mata just like entering a war zone.. Have to chase him around the house and I have to use all my kaki and tangan just to make him stay still, with his cries lagi, huishhh really hard just to put an eyedrop inside his eyes.. His favourite statement when I pujuk him to take the ubat mata, "no mummy, nanti Izz nangis!!" hahaha mengada..

Somehow I feel like "ehhh cepatnya masa berlalu", especially when Iskandar already can share his though and having a true conversation with me but of course lah kan still in his 'pelatness' language.. I hope I won't miss every moment in his life that can make me regret one day...

Speaking of how fast time flies.. We already in second month of 2012.. February, one of my favourites month, not because of love is in the air, or a month of love.. Coz for me every months, in fact, everyday I'm always full with love hahahaha but if I get angry, just remember that's because i love u....

Why I like February? Because February is short, so I can meet March earlier, I like March too, hahahahaha...

Ok seriously, I have to shut down before many other nonsense things coming out... So gud nite everybody and u too dear, have a sweet dreams and i love u (hahahaha February kan!!)


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