First entry in 2012 - All about Iskandar

as salam

Entry pertama untuk tahun baru, selepas seminggu hahahaha... Oklah kan, dari takde langsung.. Hmmm mungkin jugak boleh masuk dalam one of my azam's list for 2012, write an entry once a week or more (ehh macam dah bunyi azam momy intan plak!!)

First, of course lah kena cerita pasal my anak bujang birthday.. Yes dear, Iskandar dah masuk 3 tahun, TIGA ok!!! We just celebrated it with small makan2 at my in law house.. Actually memang kami takde plan apa2 for Iskandar birthday, ehhh ada kot, hubby said nak sambut di Genting after balik dari holiday kat Kuching (hmmm if pegi Genting, mungkin akan jumpa Izz Dhani kan) tapi lepas tu ada plan nak sambut New Year at PD, so i thought hubby nak sambung stay di PD sampai birthday Iskandar but his mum called and ajak makan2 untuk birthday Iskandar, Hasya dan Pak Ngah... So that how we celebrated Iskandar's 3rd birthday.. 

Mummy love u so much son!!! Happy 3rd birthday.. How's fast time flies, hmmmm tak boleh sambung, mummy dah start nak emo T_T.. Btw thanks to u all for the warm wishes and birthday presents, thanks guys!!!

If u remember, I did blog out about Iskandar early education before and I though hubby agreed with my idea of weekend/once a week socialize's class but NO, he himself searched out for nearby kindergartens at our neighborhood for less than 2 hours and made a decision without any consultation with me first... hmmmm oklah, he did discussed with me but only after that decision and he used his 'veto power' so I don't have any right to say anything (but I did nagging a whole night, hahahaha)... After a few days, me just redha and I hope this is a good decision.. Hubby had his own thought regarding this and i hope I can understand his decision one day..

The hardest part to deal is how to tell Nenek Wok about this, and hubby gave that part to me.... I was like, "what???? why me , this is all your idea..." but he just smiled and said "I know u can do it sayang, only lady knew the ladies talk!!!" So what else I can say... I did told Makcik Wok last week about this but I didn't detailed it and I let hubby to tell the rest hahahaha and hubby also can't stand it when Makcik started to tear her eyes, tak sampai hati and hubby said "kami try 2/3 hari, kalau Izz taknak kami hantar balik rumah makcik ye!!?" hahahahaha  it was tough!!!

Iskandar will start his kindie's life tomorrow, but mummy won't be around to witness his son take another step in his life, arghhhh kejamnya!!!! But mummy knew Iskandar will be a good boy (but its ok son, if u want to cries all out, at least let abah become kelam kabut, hahahaha)

So my other azam for 2012, punch out from office on time so I can fetch Iskandar up before 6p.m or we (hubby lah) have to pay for OT to the kindie....

Ok, nak masak lunch after nak berangkat ke Lumut... 

See u in next entry ^_^ have a fun Sunday!!!


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