Iskandar is going to THREE

as salam..

Good morning Saturday ^_^

Woke up with breakfast already served on the table, hehehe thanks sayang!!! I have a good feeling about today, hahahaha visiting any malls perhaps, *wink wink*

Last night, we brought Iskandar to watch Puss in the Boots in KLCC.. Well, nice movie with a good pengajaran, its all about friendship and family values in it... But if u ask Iskandar, he definitely said "cite cat and big egg" hahaha, whatever la izz... 

Speaking of my lil baby, he approaching his third birthday in 2 weeks time.. Yes dear, three years old, but still in diapers hahahaha his mummy is too lazy for potty training... 

We don't have any plan yet for his birthday, maybe just a close celebration with family..

Well other than that, we as the parent have been discussed about his starting the proper education at the age of three but I don't know yet, its sound too early but hubby has his own thought... So I'm starting to collect info about good kindie at our area, maybe a weekend class for a starting before we sent him to a full time class when he turns four.. 

Ok guys, I have to stop now and get ready for visiting malls' activity, hahaha see u in next entry.. Take care and have a pleasant weekend with ur family ^_^

my lil baby
Izz showing atuk how to do "peace" sign, cute!!


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Carrie-Ma said...


selamat melawat malls hahaha. apela ko ni, selalunya org melawat zoo ke, muzium ke.
anyway, i like the last pic :)