Family Holiday 2011 - Kuching : Serikin Market

as salam...

Hello dear, how was ur weekend?? hehehe maybe i should throw that question tomorrow, right? coz everybody still in the holiday mood ^_^

I'm currently at Kuching, at my auntie's place to be exact.. Having fun time with my family including my parents, and both of my sisters... Sadly all my brothers can't join us here because of their work (Yan having more fun time at Vietnam)

Our fully sponsored trip here are purposely for visiting my nenek, but of course lah including other misi sampingan kan hahahaha such as visiting places for shoppings' activity and sight seeing lah sangat *_*

We will be here until Wednesday and as for today, we successfully had an adventure shopping at Serikin Market, located at Sarawak-Kalimantan border, near to Bau town, about 1 hour driving from Kuching.. 

Basically they selling products from seberang, such as kain pasang, telekung, garments, local products, imitation handbags and others... Our shopping activity went smoothly although the weather was not so good, raining all over the time.. And Iskandar's mood also not so very good, I had to dukung him all the time, but it was not an issue at all, I still managed to buy a few things for myself and got a free kain pasang after making a cute face in front of my sister, hahahahaha...

Some of the pictures taken there;

Serikin Market entrance

mummy's manja boy!!
with the 'banker'
one of the product there.. and Niena's birthday present from atuk..
on the way back home : had photo session with dinasours

Ok, I will write some more entry later.. Thanks for stopping by ^_^

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