Sickening Me

as salam...

Orait dear, I have to stop writting about the langkawi's adventures for a moment to squeeze my-merepek-entry this time, hehehe actually the main reason because all the pictures are in my office's computer o_O so I'll continue tommorrow ok...

Well, back to the title above..

Im not sick anyway, just a little bit "meroyan" because hubby wasn't around.. Not because the toughnest of being single parent (hell yes!!!) to a 32-months-not-so-little-old-boy-anymore but because of limitation for mummy-fav-weekend-activity aka shopping.. Pity me right? So I tried to overcome my sadness with online shopping, hahaha *pitam laki mak*

I have another 2 more weekends alone with my son, hahaha hopefully I will not pitam together with my hubby when the credit card's bill coming after me ^_^

Ok dear, have a good night sleep..

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