Kain for Baju Raya

as salam...

I went to Jakel Shah Alam last saturday to buy kain for baju raya... Since my parents were at my place and my mak also gave me some hints for her baju raya, so we angkut them sekali.. Actually abah reluctant to follow us so I had to using a secret weapon and he agreed to join us, hahahaha not really a weapon lah, just using iskandar to pujuk his atuk!!!

While we, I mean me and my mak!! went crazy choosing the kain, abah patiently helping me with iskandar, hehehe seriously when Jakel suddenly doing a "happy hour" and dropped the price from rm100++ to rm50, who can resist kan?? So we grabbed a fews of kain for myself, mak and her favourite daughter ^__^ kak ninie sila jangan jeles!!! 

I also bought the kain for Iskandar and hubbys baju melayu, oh by the way, my hubby attended his best friend wedding so he gave me a permission to choose the colour for his baju melayu.. So i choose a soft orange or more like peach colour for them but when hubby saw the kain, he said it was too dull for him, kecik ati i okeh!!! So i told him, go to buy another kain by yourself.. At the end, after a few provocations he sent the kain to tailor and asked me to stop membebel, hahaha....

And my kains also selamat at my tailor place now, hopefully i can get my nice baju kurung in a month time from now ^_^ and I still have 4/5 kains waiting to be sent to the tailor, maybe after raya lah...   

We wearing peach colour for hari raya ^__^ what is yours?? 

Happy baju raya hunting everyone!!!



dbalkis said...

our baju raya dah siap sebulan yang lalu..mommy yg sgt paranoid meninggalkan keluarga dah settlekan urusan baju raya awal2. dah pkai pon satu baju raya g wedding..hehe..

hehe..we r in brown/cream..

HaNiE said...

wahh mantop!!! belum pose dah siap baju raya.. aku ni harap2 lah kak zita tailor tu tak buat hal, kalo tak kena lah beli baju siap kat PKNS, hehehe..

Ko cuti raya lama ke?