Iskandar at 30 months old

as salam...

Hii olls!! Let me start this first entry for July with our talented little Pablo Picasso's progress.. 

Owhh yes, he is 30 months old now.. Weighted 14.4kg, slightly bigger and berat than before.. Also more smarter and always give me and his abah more headache.. He's kuat merajuk some more...

Sometimes when he found the crayon or pencil he will ask for papers to conteng-conteng but many times he just painted his idea on the floor or at the wall or at my white wardrobe *mummy heart attack*

He loves talking, just like mummy but sometimes mummy and abah cannot understand his words and many times we misinterpreted his needs, so he will pegang his kepala and makes geram-but-comel face..

Loves to watch babytv and playhouse disney channels.. His favourite cartoons are timey time, word world, chuggington, mickey mouse and also tom and jerry.. First thing he will ask every morning is "nak babytv!!" so kena change the channel according to his choice..

His favourite drink now is milo.. Susu tolak tepi, sometimes only 1 bottle milk per day or sometimes none..

Can count one to ten.. His favourite letters are O and Y, so biasanya after A, B and C terus O and Y... 

It's quite hard to ask him to mandi unless we let him mandi with his ball or chugginton (tak sampai sehari beli dah rosak kena rendam dlm air) or any other toys.. But if jumpa swimming pool will be another story, taknak balik pulak!!

Very the sensitive.. Tak boleh kena tegur, marah or pukul, he will cry out of his lungs and merajuk lari masuk bilik.. But mummy now always ready with a rotan, if he buat salah and if naughty2 mummy will rotan..

Still manja and likes to be cuddle but no more kiss banyak2 or he will run away.. 

Likes to make faces.. When he said "izz angis" he will gosok2 mata.. When he merajuk, he will cebik mulut and tutup mata.. And buat muka gatal sambil senyum when he saw beautiful girls eventho from the tv... 

Wanna chooses his own baju and seluar to be worn for outing..

And many other things he capable to do by his own now; open the fridge, take off his shoes, play with abah iphone, tekan lift button and so on..

Can understand what's mummy and abah talking about, can follow order and can borak2 with atuk and nenek thru telephone but in his own language lah.. 

my 30 months old baby with his acik ieyan ribbon
"let me go, let me go!!!"

Arghhh i miss my little baby!!

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nur said...


Almiraz said...


Indeed an expected entry when the word 'kelahiran' or birth pops up (about a baby) but you did not actually tell your birth experience of your little baby, which I would say interesting because you have put in a different angle of it i.e his developments. Nevertheless, this entry is not extremely unique and needs more improvement in terms of relating the topics.

Almiraz said...

Just my thots, all the best in the next round!!