Alone at Lumut

as salam...

Greeting from Lumut, hehehe.. Yes, im in Lumut now for my never-ending-work and have to spend a night here because the meeting finished late than schedule.. I knew it's gonna happen, so i already packed a couple of shirts in case im too tired driving back alone to KL or if my meeting finish too late.. 

By the way, on my way here from the office this morning, i've bumped into with a roadblock just before bidor exit, luckily today im quite behaved on the road, hehehe and a big thanks to all the cars at the opposite road because they gave so many highlight as a sign of police in front of us.. ^_^

Oklah, i have to sleep now because i getting hungry and im not really rajin to find a mamak's stall at this time.... Gud nite!!


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dbalkis said...

yes me too feel hungry at this hour..wanna sleep too..good morning mar..(sure ko baca esok pg kan). Drive safely..