When Fever say Hi!!

as salam

Did i mentioned i had some fever and dehydrated after returning home from semporna trip? 

Yeahhh, after came back on tuesday, i've suffered a bit on the following day, but being a good employee i still show up to the office to settle my report.. And thanks god, iskandar really well behaved despite his abah wasn't around, plus he also offered me his scott emulsion when im complaining "mummy, sakit!!" cute, aight?

On thursday, i cannot handle the dizziness so i went straight to clinic after office hour.. When dr. manaf asked me either i want the m.c or not, i just answered "it's up to u" so he didn't gave me any, hahaha padan muka me!!! 

But i took an EL on Friday and went out with my little boyfriend to renew my car's 2-weeks-late insurance and road tax.. After that, we had a late lunch with hubby at KLCC and continued to shopping spree and as usual most of my money flew away for paying his shirt, sandals and some toys but it was okay i guess, upah teman mummy!!

lunch date at Secret Recipe KLCC
everytime we pass by these kereta-mainan-masuk-coins-gerak2, he will said "nak naik car" and mummy will said "mummy takde duit" and he will nodded for understanding..
but when he saw ATM machine, he said "mummy, tu duit" so mummy takde alasan tak kasi naik kereta gerak2 lagi...
"mummy, can i touch that giraffe"
yeay, dapat pegang giraffe..

Went back home, i've got my fever again!!! uhuk uhuk


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