Chilling Out at Fraser Hill

as salam..

I hate to start with this statement, but yes "it's been ages since my last post!!!" hahaha

We had a time off last weekend at Fraser Hill.. Nice and cozy place to chill out but nothing much to do up there so its obviously the best place for relaxing and bermalas - malasan ^_^ i love that but not my little boy!!!

Since hubby had booked a 2 rooms apartment at Silver Park, we invited Along and family to join us, also we dragged mama along, so everything regarding foods considered done, hehehe.. We're there for 2 days and 1 night.. First day, after check-in we went for jalan - jalan and brought the kids to paddock for horse riding and went to the lake for boat-paddle's activity... 

Iskandar was so excited when he saw the horse and happily ride on it.. His excitement level increased when he saw the lake and a few couple paddling the boat around.. But because his height lower than the eligible height so he cannot be in the boat, so he became so frustrated and cried all over.. After this no lake visit at fraser hill, at least before Iskandar turns 4 or 5 to avoid any disappointing again.. 

At night, me and hubby sneaked out and leave Iskandar at the apartment to go on date, but nothing much to do pon, we had dinner and watched AF at one of the restaurant.. Btw, i like azril, he has good voice and also good loking too!!! ^__^

Second day, after lunch we went back to shah alam.. End

p/s : hehehe sorry lah, entry kelaut n takde pictures, mane ntah cable camera, malas nak cari!!! *pening*


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