Tarif Elektrik dah Naik

as salam...

copy from utusan malaysia online

Tarif elektrik dah naik tapi untuk pengunaan kurang 300kWj kadar masih sama.. Untuk penguna domestik yang guna antara 301 hingga 1,000kWj sebulan kadar kenaikan antara RM0.07 hingga RM30.30..

Kami biasanya guna 300 - 400kWj sebulan.. ye lah la tiap masa kat umah bukak aircond jek, siang boleh tahan lagi tapi masa tido malam mesti nak pasang aircond... tu baru rumah kecik, kalau umah besar tak tau lah tinggi mana meter letrik tu naik... dah biasa tido sejuk, bila panas susah nak lelap mata.. especially iskandar, sebab dari baby dah ajar tido dalam aircond, bila balik kampung or pegi tempat lain, kami paling risau if iskandar merengek tido kepanasan.. susah wooo!!! 

Kami dalam fasa berjimat cermat guna letrik ni, kalau boleh taknak guna lebih 300kWj, so ini adalah perkara yang perlu dibuat;
  1. bukak aircond bila betul2 nak tido je, takde nak sejuk2kan bilik sampai 2-3 jam baru masuk tido.. hehehe
  2. tutup semua lampu bila keluar rumah..
  3. tutup semua lampu masa tido, cuma bukak sleeping lamp je..
  4. tukar bulb dan guna lampu fluorescent yang jimat tenaga..
  5. basuh baju guna washing machine bila penuh satu machine, jangan basuh sikit2..
  6. selalu bersihkan kipas dan aircond..
  7. guna heater bila mandi waktu pagi sahaja, pagi or malam mandi air sejuk only..
  8. iron baju banyak2 sekaligus
  9. bersihkan rumah guna penyapu, takyah ngada2 guna mesin penyedut hampagas, hehehe..
Hopefully, azam kami untuk berjimat cermat ni will last forever bukan buat 2-3 bulan pastu buat2 lupa, hahahaha.. Ok guys, see u in the next entry



Memorable May for Acik Dian

as salam...

This entry is dedicated to Dian, my baby sister merangkap bibik for Iskandar.. And because Iskandar pronounced "acik dian" as "ieeyan" so we officially call her ieyan too... ^__^ cute kan!!

May 2011 can be declared as her happening month so far.. 

First, her 24th birthday on 12 may, we celebrated it secara kecil kecilan with a small chocolate cake and birthday song from little Iskandar.. And I knew the most memorable thing for her birthday was the nice surprise  from her bf, who's drove along way from JB to KL just to bring her to watch "Kongsi" (hahahahaha) and a birthday lunch treat at Pizza Hut.. To Hafiz; good efford bro!!! and u got my salute.. Your secret of sneaking out from house to meet your bf are save with me, hehehe.. And she got a handphone as birthday present, being a jealous sister, i've said this "fuh.. dapat handphone dari bf, apasal kaknie tak dapat handphone dari abg zali (my hubby)" and suddenly my mom reply "laaa dah kawen memang la tak dapat handphone, cuba mintak masa bercinta dulu" hahahahaha it was hillarious!! but it is true indeed.. moms always know!!!

Second, her convocation day on 13 may.. After 3 years, she now allowed to wear the convo's jubah and topi.. And the best part was when she walked on the stage to receive the degree folder from the chancellor while our parents watching proudly right in the front of the seat row (because we arrived early so abah and mak got a strategic seat inside the dewan).. It's ok although we have to wake up early in the morning, went out just after subuh prayer and waited for long hours outside the dewan yang panas and had to melayan Iskandar yang super active.. We proud of u!! Thanks to abah for makan besar at Cheng Ho Restaurant..     

Third, I'm not sure if this is her truly dream but she has passed the test for diploma pendidikan and now waiting for the interview next week.. And if she pass that interview, she will undergo another 1 year of study, hehehe before turning to a teacher, opsss oklah lecturer!!! this is some sort like KPLI, but one level higher... I hope u will do your best, just make sure u be more presentable and "sell" yourself proudly.. My pray always with u!!! U can do it!!  

Ok, lets tengok gambar, yeaaa!!! Btw she got a brand new and pretty blue camera from abah (i jeles okeh!! sentap) hehehe

birthday cake..
half of the cake stay still inside the fridge until today
bouquet of flower from us.. nasib baik ada, bf dia tak kasi pon, hehehe
pose Iskandar yang kepochi
atuk lapar selepas setengah hari dalam dewan, nasib baik i ada bekal roti, hehehe
hmm i think this picture isn't complete without kak ninie..
late lunch at selera johor, seksyen 4 shah alam.. hmmm org johor la katakan!!!!
makan besar at cheng ho restaurant, wangsa maju

Ok thats all.. Till then peeps!!!!



Chilling Out at Fraser Hill

as salam..

I hate to start with this statement, but yes "it's been ages since my last post!!!" hahaha

We had a time off last weekend at Fraser Hill.. Nice and cozy place to chill out but nothing much to do up there so its obviously the best place for relaxing and bermalas - malasan ^_^ i love that but not my little boy!!!

Since hubby had booked a 2 rooms apartment at Silver Park, we invited Along and family to join us, also we dragged mama along, so everything regarding foods considered done, hehehe.. We're there for 2 days and 1 night.. First day, after check-in we went for jalan - jalan and brought the kids to paddock for horse riding and went to the lake for boat-paddle's activity... 

Iskandar was so excited when he saw the horse and happily ride on it.. His excitement level increased when he saw the lake and a few couple paddling the boat around.. But because his height lower than the eligible height so he cannot be in the boat, so he became so frustrated and cried all over.. After this no lake visit at fraser hill, at least before Iskandar turns 4 or 5 to avoid any disappointing again.. 

At night, me and hubby sneaked out and leave Iskandar at the apartment to go on date, but nothing much to do pon, we had dinner and watched AF at one of the restaurant.. Btw, i like azril, he has good voice and also good loking too!!! ^__^

Second day, after lunch we went back to shah alam.. End

p/s : hehehe sorry lah, entry kelaut n takde pictures, mane ntah cable camera, malas nak cari!!! *pening*