MIL's Birthday

as salam..

hai guys!! happy monday blues ^__^

How's ur weekend? Mine, was another splendid so far.. reason for it, let me tell u (or u can jump to other blog if this merepek entry make u vomit blood, hehehe!!!)

On Saturday, we had potluck party at abun's (hubby friend) place.. I baked blueberry cheesecake and shepherd pie for it.. Everybody loves it and asked for the recipes and I felt so happy, at least they appreciated my effort of baking the cake in the middle of night.. Seriously, I done with it at 4 a.m

On Sunday, went to shah alam to celebrate mama birthday.. Hubby bought a bodyshop's toiletries product as a present, of course with my humble opinion.. So let just said that birthday present was from both of us, hehehe.. "Happy Birthday Mama"
mama with her 9 grand childrens..
Later that day, went to shopping at Subang Parade.. I thought of Subang Empire but hubby said Subang Parade more spacious with extra shops, so just lets the banker choose the place.. Bought some shirts for himself, me and Iskandar, thanks dear!! 

And I finally found the nice black shoes for myself but still hunting for hubby's and Iskandar's shoes.. Went back home after been reminded a few times by hubby about "tomorrow is monday" ^__^ I managed to iron our office attire and also managed to read a story book to Iskandar before the clock turns 12 midnight.. Phewww!!

Planning to have an exciting weekend at Genting this week, in commemoration with labour day holiday.. So anybody wants to follow??? Lets gegar Genting, IF we can get a room lah!!!    


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