Me having an eye infection

as salam... hello and happy friday alls!!!

I'm on medical leave since wednesday until today because of eye infection.. Actually I felt uneasy on my left eyelid starting a week ago but being me, I just ignore it and hope that everything will turn better as time goes by..  But my conversation with one of my colleague about how risky it can be really opened my eyes.. So after a dinner treat for hubby birthday we went to a clinic and  doctor advised me to seek a treatment from eye specialist...

On wednesday, I went to prince court and met prof muhaya (she's the host for "dari mata turun ke hati" talk show) after the examination, she wanted to do a minor procedure on my eyelid.. She did said that it will be a lil' bit painful but I just thought "what a heck!! I'm a tough person and what can be more painful than deliver a human" hahahaha plus she offered the local anaesthetic...

So they gave me a pain killer and a cream to numb the infection area, then prof muhaya gave me an anaesthetic injection.. After that she started the procedure and it was a sooo painful and I did wondering where the anaesthetic went through out my body because I can felt the knife while she "toreh" my eyelid and the pain getting harder when she squeezed the lump to force the "nanah" out from my eyelid... At that time I realized I were on epidural when delivered Iskandar last time ^__^ hahahaha...

Prof Muhaya played with my psychology very well.. During the painful procedure, she kept compliment and encouraging me with "u are a good girl", "u memang gorgeous", "If i were u, Im gonna cry right now", "how i wish all my patient like u, so positive and focus", "are u in pain dear? sikit je lagi"... And she also recited a some "surah" and "selawat nabi"... So of course lah I kept the pain myself and not yelled out loud, malulah makcik!!  

After about 20 freaking minutes, she all done a I felt so relieved... Lepas seksa dunia!!!!! Seriously, I'll put that procedures on my top of my most painful experience lists, as for now lah!!!!

Notice the lump on my left eyelid?
Me after the painful procedure.. Macam kasim selamat daaa!!!

My eye getting better now, alhamdulillah ^_^



Carrie-Ma said...


sampai mcm tu sekali ke? isy2
ketumbit kan? sahih ko skodeng sape2 ni hehe. anyway, semoga cpt sembuh!

HaNiE said...

iyo lah, bahasa pasarnya ketumbit tapi doc kata "eye infection" hahaha.. mana ada aku skodeng sesape, ewwwwwuuu!!