How I spent my Medical Leave last week

as salam..

Hello peeps, for the sake of updating this blog let me share my activities while I'm in cuti sakit ^__^

Wednesday, went to Kedai Makan Sup Power somewhere at Kampung Baru for lunch, seriously they have a weirdo menus to offer u.. Pecel Belud and Sup Bibir, what the heck!!! Then headed to PCMC and had a most painful procedure with Prof Muhaya to remove ketumbit on my left eyelid.. And became the most cutey pirate in the world of imagination for the whole remaining day *perasan*

weirdo menu!! can u spot it?
Thursday, went to PCMC again for Iskandar follow-up session with his paed and got referred to ENT specialist.. The whole see-the-doctors thing took us almost 5 long hours.. Sent MIL to visit her cousin at IJN...

Friday, brought Dian to Wangsa Walk for sisters day out but still had to angkut Iskandar along lah.. Had lunch at Kunyah Cafe, watched Rio the movie at TGV with some popcorn, had coffee break at Rotiboy Cafe and lastly, bought groceries and few blouses for Dian (see I'm a nice sista right *malu*)... At the night, we baked red velvet cuppies and some macaroons to bring back to my kampung the next day..

watched this movie and Iskandar behaved so well, sat still at his seat for the first 1 hour after that sat at mummy lap with a minimal loud voice and danced happily with the music at the end of the movie..
coffee break!!
red velvet cuppies with nice decoration by dian
my buruk rupa macaroons!!
Orait, that's all for now.. Time to fetch up Iskandar from Nenek Woks, hubby told me Iskandar had scratched Nenek Wok face this morning because merajuk kena tinggal with his abah.. OMG!!!  


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