Boring - part 1

as salam..

hello uolls!! Meh la melayan saya yg keboringan ni.. Saya kat tawau airport ni, waiting for my flight kul 6 nnt tapi kul 4 dah terpacak kt airport.. Site meeting habis awal so takde idea nk buat ape dah.. Before lunch kt yassin curry house tadi, sempat dibawa ke rumah urut, hahaha mmg lawak!! For the sake of "killing the time" boleh plak kepten ni bagi idea buat reflexology kat kedai urut.. So saya layankan je, lgpon tukung urutnya pompuan cina so on je lah, cuma yg susahnya dia cuma blh berbahasa cina so saya depending on the kepten as a translator, tp translator pon fail bahasa ibunda sendiri, sabar je lah!!

Lepas lunch ingat nk memancing kt pasar tawau, tp malas pulak bila pikir nak mempacking segala.. So tersadai lah saya di sini dengan penuh keboringan, borak ngan tuan kepten ni asyik cite pasal fungshui je.. So saya pon buat2 lah busy menaip entry ni, haha sungguh keji!!

Alamak, dh sampai limit wording plak so i sambung next entry ya..




MIL's Birthday

as salam..

hai guys!! happy monday blues ^__^

How's ur weekend? Mine, was another splendid so far.. reason for it, let me tell u (or u can jump to other blog if this merepek entry make u vomit blood, hehehe!!!)

On Saturday, we had potluck party at abun's (hubby friend) place.. I baked blueberry cheesecake and shepherd pie for it.. Everybody loves it and asked for the recipes and I felt so happy, at least they appreciated my effort of baking the cake in the middle of night.. Seriously, I done with it at 4 a.m

On Sunday, went to shah alam to celebrate mama birthday.. Hubby bought a bodyshop's toiletries product as a present, of course with my humble opinion.. So let just said that birthday present was from both of us, hehehe.. "Happy Birthday Mama"
mama with her 9 grand childrens..
Later that day, went to shopping at Subang Parade.. I thought of Subang Empire but hubby said Subang Parade more spacious with extra shops, so just lets the banker choose the place.. Bought some shirts for himself, me and Iskandar, thanks dear!! 

And I finally found the nice black shoes for myself but still hunting for hubby's and Iskandar's shoes.. Went back home after been reminded a few times by hubby about "tomorrow is monday" ^__^ I managed to iron our office attire and also managed to read a story book to Iskandar before the clock turns 12 midnight.. Phewww!!

Planning to have an exciting weekend at Genting this week, in commemoration with labour day holiday.. So anybody wants to follow??? Lets gegar Genting, IF we can get a room lah!!!    



Kami dah Pulang!!!

as salam...

mari mengupdate sambil tengok mentor, hehehe actually i tgh tengok DC cupcake tadi tetiba hubby bukak mentor plak, so layan kan je lah!!!! 

owhhh, yes.. kami dah balik umah, actually doc tanya if kami nak stay for another night tapi sebab hubby kena ke kuantan esok, so kami mintak balik je lah.... so this week mummy kena increase tahap kesabaran untuk jaga iskandar alone, emosi dia tengah tak stabil sebab sakit n paling tension bila nak kasi dia makan ubat, mesti bergaduh punya lah!!! selain tu iskandar in soft diet so kena masak bubur hari2, hidung dia pon still bleeding sometimes so kena bagi full attention kt dia.. i cuti sampai hari rabu, hopefully hari khamis iskandar getting better, kesian plak nk hantar dia ke umah nenek, kesian jugak kat nenek kena layan iskandar nanti...

oklah, update sket je malam ni.. pada yg bertanya kenapa iskandar asyik masuk hospital je compared dengan anak diorang yang jarang sekali kena warded atau secara kiasan nak cakap iskandar banyak penyakit, jawapan saya ialah, "saya redha je, mungkin allah nak uji tahap kesabaran kami melayan anak yang sakit dan allah nak bagi kami pahala lebih sikit.. mungkin juga sebagai sign iskandar akan jadi doktor satu hari nanti" ^__^ insya allah, HE knows best!! no heart feeling pon  



Can u Help

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as salam..

my cute cheeky lil monster will undergo a surgery called tonsillectomy (sounds creepy, right?) on this coming Friday so we hope that all of u can pray for his safety and speedy recovery..

Thank you



Tonsillectomy in Children

When Tonsils are the Problem
by Micheal Cohen, M.D

Tonsillectomy is the second most common childhood surgery, with more than 600,00 procedures each year, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS). Given this, it's extremely valuable for parents to understand the basic about tonsils and the signs that tonsillectomy may benefit their children. Additionally, newer surgical technologies have emerged that can make recovery easier than many of us experienced when we were young.

an enlarged adenoid blocking the nasal passage

What is the impact of Enlarged Tonsils

Tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissues located on each side of the throat. In some cases, tonsils can become so large that they partially block or obstruct the upper breathing passage, which can lead to sleep-disorder breathing (SDB). SDB is the name given to a range of disorders that includes snoring, shallow breathing and breathing pauses. Some common symptoms associated with SDB are mouth breathing, restless sleep, frequent nighttime awakening, daytime fatigue or hyperactivity and bedwetting. A tonsillectomy is an effective treatment for SDB.

The most extreme form of SDB is obstruction sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes a person to stop breathing for a few seconds multiple times during the sleep. Children with sleep apnea may be tired and irritable or hyperactive and have difficulty concentrating. Some experts believe sleep apnea in children can contribute to attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, excessive daytime sleepiness and failure to thrive - a term used to describe infants and children whose growth rate or weight gain are substantially below normal.

The AAO-HNS estimates that 75 percent of tonsillectomies performed today are done to treat SDB assosiated with enlarged tonsils.

What about Tonsillitis

Tonsil tissue is meant to trap bacteria and virus to help prevent infection. However, the constant exposure to bacteria and viruses from the mouth frequently cause the tonsils to become infected and inflamed, resulting in tonsillitis. If a child has very frequent tonsillitis, it's possible that the tonsils themselves have become a source of infection. We refer this as recurrent tonsillitis. In this case, if the condition is affecting the child's quality of life, parents should consult an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat surgeon or ENT). In some cases a tonsillectomy may be recommended. Only about 25 percent of tonsillectomies today are for tonsillitis.

What can I expect if my child undergoes a Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomies are performed at surgery centers or hospital and require general anesthesia. Generally, the procedure takes about 30 minutes, although the child will need to spend some time in recovery room recuperating from the effect of the anesthesia before heading home.

Newer methods are making recovery from tonsillectomy easier on the patient. Instead of the traditional scalped and high temperature cautery, newer low temperature technologies such as Coblation(R)  have been clinically proven to speed recovery times.

At home after a surgery, it's important to get plenty of rest. The post-surgery diet should consist of soft, cool foods that are easy to chew and swallow. Children should avoid strenuous activities. A full recovery may take one or two weeks, but an ice-cream only diet can be avoided, depending on the individual patient and the method of tonsillectomy.   


This article was given to me by Dr Yeo Sek Wee, the surgeon who will perform tonsillectomy on Iskandar. He also the ENT Specialist in PCMC and majoring in paediatric ENT related conditions.. Based from the admission form that I've already signed *__* estimated cost for surgery plus other treatment for this tonsillectomy is about 10K to 11K, quiet costly right? but lucky our medical expenses are covered by *ING, thanks god!! eventho my abah willing to pay for it but as my hubby said "if abah bagi duit, confirm kami guna pergi bercuti" hahaha not cool dear, not cool!!!

From the article, I'm clearly understand that my son not having this tonsillectomy because of  suffering with tonsillitis but more because sleep apnea.. He snore loudly at the night, having restless sleep, excessive napping at daytime (his nap usually takes more than 2 hours) and sometimes pause in his breathing while sleep (it's scared us a lot)        

So dear friends, please be aware if ur children having any of the symptoms of tonsillitis or sleep apnea.. They deserve the best from us..

pic by mr. google



How I spent my Medical Leave last week

as salam..

Hello peeps, for the sake of updating this blog let me share my activities while I'm in cuti sakit ^__^

Wednesday, went to Kedai Makan Sup Power somewhere at Kampung Baru for lunch, seriously they have a weirdo menus to offer u.. Pecel Belud and Sup Bibir, what the heck!!! Then headed to PCMC and had a most painful procedure with Prof Muhaya to remove ketumbit on my left eyelid.. And became the most cutey pirate in the world of imagination for the whole remaining day *perasan*

weirdo menu!! can u spot it?
Thursday, went to PCMC again for Iskandar follow-up session with his paed and got referred to ENT specialist.. The whole see-the-doctors thing took us almost 5 long hours.. Sent MIL to visit her cousin at IJN...

Friday, brought Dian to Wangsa Walk for sisters day out but still had to angkut Iskandar along lah.. Had lunch at Kunyah Cafe, watched Rio the movie at TGV with some popcorn, had coffee break at Rotiboy Cafe and lastly, bought groceries and few blouses for Dian (see I'm a nice sista right *malu*)... At the night, we baked red velvet cuppies and some macaroons to bring back to my kampung the next day..

watched this movie and Iskandar behaved so well, sat still at his seat for the first 1 hour after that sat at mummy lap with a minimal loud voice and danced happily with the music at the end of the movie..
coffee break!!
red velvet cuppies with nice decoration by dian
my buruk rupa macaroons!!
Orait, that's all for now.. Time to fetch up Iskandar from Nenek Woks, hubby told me Iskandar had scratched Nenek Wok face this morning because merajuk kena tinggal with his abah.. OMG!!!  



Me having an eye infection

as salam... hello and happy friday alls!!!

I'm on medical leave since wednesday until today because of eye infection.. Actually I felt uneasy on my left eyelid starting a week ago but being me, I just ignore it and hope that everything will turn better as time goes by..  But my conversation with one of my colleague about how risky it can be really opened my eyes.. So after a dinner treat for hubby birthday we went to a clinic and  doctor advised me to seek a treatment from eye specialist...

On wednesday, I went to prince court and met prof muhaya (she's the host for "dari mata turun ke hati" talk show) after the examination, she wanted to do a minor procedure on my eyelid.. She did said that it will be a lil' bit painful but I just thought "what a heck!! I'm a tough person and what can be more painful than deliver a human" hahahaha plus she offered the local anaesthetic...

So they gave me a pain killer and a cream to numb the infection area, then prof muhaya gave me an anaesthetic injection.. After that she started the procedure and it was a sooo painful and I did wondering where the anaesthetic went through out my body because I can felt the knife while she "toreh" my eyelid and the pain getting harder when she squeezed the lump to force the "nanah" out from my eyelid... At that time I realized I were on epidural when delivered Iskandar last time ^__^ hahahaha...

Prof Muhaya played with my psychology very well.. During the painful procedure, she kept compliment and encouraging me with "u are a good girl", "u memang gorgeous", "If i were u, Im gonna cry right now", "how i wish all my patient like u, so positive and focus", "are u in pain dear? sikit je lagi"... And she also recited a some "surah" and "selawat nabi"... So of course lah I kept the pain myself and not yelled out loud, malulah makcik!!  

After about 20 freaking minutes, she all done a I felt so relieved... Lepas seksa dunia!!!!! Seriously, I'll put that procedures on my top of my most painful experience lists, as for now lah!!!!

Notice the lump on my left eyelid?
Me after the painful procedure.. Macam kasim selamat daaa!!!

My eye getting better now, alhamdulillah ^_^