I need a new shoes!!

as salam...

Sorry for not updating this blog as usual, nothing much to share.. I'm still mourning of my lost BB *__* this new handphone can't replace the older one.. So let's me see, hmmmmm

Sent mak to kampung last weekend, what a tiring trip but I know my parents were happy to see us and we will be back again next week for kenduri.. I'm glad when Iskandar seems so clique with his atuk, not because of "kelapa sawit banyak untung" hehehe but the bonding between them, it's priceless!!

Little update about Pakcik Ani, he is getting better now, had been discharged from HKL last friday, thank you for all the prays but I'm not sending Iskandar there yet because Dian still with us.. So let's bully Dian, before she start her new life either with a new job or get married, hahaha but not me who bully her, of course la little Iskandar.. he loves his ieyan (acik dian) so much!!

What else?? Hmm I think I need new pairs of black shoes lah, same goes to Iskandar, his current slippers getting smaller or should I say he is growing and his feet getting bigger so cannot fit it anymore, hahaha!! But in my case, it's just about time to buy a new one ^_^ hoho

Hubby's birthday is around the corner but I still have nothing in mind for his present, maybe a pair of working shoes or brand new perfume, yup, he did complaint about those two things recently.. So sayang, if u read this, what do u want for ur birthday? Thought of buying a iphone4 for u but since u had bought it urself so please choose for these two things ya *nasib baik hehe*

Oklah, that's all for now.. Will update some more when my mood getting better ^__^ see u guys.. Sorry if my entry looks like takde kesinambungan, hentam saja lah!!!!


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