Happy Night

as salam..

Iskandar woke up early this morning and started to cry when we left to the office.. His abah made a promise to bring him to the park after we return home in the evening..

But we arrived home a bit late because mummy had to attend a meeting that started at 5.30 pm, so our plan has to be cancel.. Seeing his innocent face, abah decided to bring us here..

Hehehe so here we are, at 5th level, having our dinner and let Iskandar playing at the playground as much as he wants.. Thank god we only have to jump into the lift and go to level 5 ^_^

Good night and sleep tight!!!




mama_umar_maryam said...

anak2 igt janji wehh,.tibe2 mlm td Umar mntk g swimming,adehh

HaNiE said...

serious nak swimming mamalam... haah kuat memori diorg ni!!!