Bangsar Village

As Salam.. Happy Sunday all!!!

Went to Bangsar Village yesterday.. I've been there before for couple of times but it was a long time ago.. Nothing much to do there because of limited shops that i prefer to do my "menghabiskan duit" activity, we're there pon because of en. suami had to take his baju kuning at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar... Plus they don't have surau so obviously BV are not in my fav shopping mall list.. 

Bought this buku at MPH for inspiration, hehehe mabuk nak mem"baking" pulak
Having tea break at The Loaf.. I adored The Loaf at Pavillion more
Take away Red Velvet and Dark Secret Cuppies from Bisou.. not bad
Abah Iskandar going out for outstation for a week starting from today so activity for today is lepaking at home and mummy are going to bake a muffin, hehehehe 



dbalkis said...

Mar, ko sudah tere mengmuffin eh? Jom kite g blaja buat kek kat bakery atas rumah ko tu.

HaNiE said...

takdelah terror pon, masih belajar.. jom lah kalau ko free pastu boleh kita jual kek pulak, hehehe