Small but Meaningful


First and foremost, I'm sorry if this month entries so overdose with story of Izz Iskandar's birthday party.. Can't help myself from blogging about it, hehehe 

Second erkk!! this should be the first.. Thanks a million to those who were made it happen and willing to sacrifice your precious time to attend this party; my BFFs, in-law family and hubby's friends... You guys are rockss!! Happening!!! 

We had a small party to celebrate Iskandar 2nd birthday on 8 Jan 2011 at KFC Extreme Park, Shah Alam.. A month before, me mostly and hubby had planning for this party but we couldn't decided a venue, I had an idea of pool party but hubby wanted just a casual makan-makan.. After a few arguments discussions, we decided to have it at KFC; casual place, lots of food (without messing up my kitchen!!), affordable, lots of free gifts, spacious enough for kids to play and they have person incharge for games.. Only that, KFC don't have a swimming pool like my imagination party!!! hu hu

All the decoration have been prepared by KFC staffs, they also provided the meal and fun games.. Besides that, I've also got a magical touch for the 'welcoming signage' from creative.genius.prints and the birthday cake from prettysmallbakery.. And the most important person behind the scene, Julie from The House of PhatDivaMama photography *big round applause for them* can't wait for the pictures!!!!
welcoming signage!!
the birthday cake
birthday boy!!
Fun facts of the party;
  1. We reached KFC sharp at 3 p.m because of salah jalan hahahaha!!!
  2. Most of the kids (birthday boy included!!) were so afraid of Chicky, kesian that ayam!!
  3. We thought KFC were giving a surprise when the light went off just before cake cutting, but NO, they really having black out, hahaha!!
My apologize to those who were not invited because this party only kecil kecilan or maybe I missed out ur name, sorry again!!!


dbalkis said...

bagusla ko cepat btol updatenye..aku terhegeh2 lagi dengan dhaninye bday entry..haha..gamba cantik siot..aku pun nak amik photographer ti la next time..

mama_umar_maryam said...

i need piccas plsssss..sori mar,xdpt dtg ade wedding mase tu..huhu..klu x dgn anak aku skali takut ayam besor tu

HaNiE said...


takpelah, biar lambat asal covel all the story.. tak macam aku ni, entry je banyak, cerite yg sama gak.. hehehe!!


its ok, maybe next time kan.. kalo anak ko ada confirm tambah statistik bebudak yg menjerit ketakutan, kesian chicky tidak dihargai!! hoho