Pictures from Iskandar Birthday Party

As promised, here's the few pictures from Iskandar birthday party.. 

thanks to all for the birthday wishes
iskandar is 2
the three of us
mummy and izz
us; shirt izz same with his abah
izz's favourite.. 1 2 3 slide!!
apasal mummy gelak beria ni!!
adorable *__*
1 2 3 blow the candles!!!
amik gambar outside sebab black out inside!!
game; musical chair
dapat hadiah.. yeay!!!
hadiah from chicky.. tapi izz takut with that ayam besar!!
cousins; masing2 dah ada anak!!
izz sayang baby aiman
my BFFs
musical chair
games; cari barang.. auntie dayang sangat bersungguh!! hehe
baby aiman
cicanda mamam nugget
emma makan ayam!!
melompat lebih tinggi!!!
baby maya
izz getting sleepy!!
Picture taken by Julie Dean from PhatDivaMama.. Thanks dear, nice pictures and its lovely knowing u ^__^

Ok guys, enjoy the pictures and it's many more in my FB, sumpah banyak gile!!!


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