My First Weekend of Happening October

Hi peeps!!!

First of all, I want to apologies to friend and colleague for not able to show up at ur open house on Saturday.. Ayu and Kak Mala, I'm so sorry ye!! both of my 'orang kuat' were not available to accompany me on that day and I'm not sure if I can handle Izz by my own, hehehe better for us to stay at home ^_^

But me and Izz managed to visit wanrose and her newborn baby girl.. Adorable little Maya, sangat baik dan diam without any screaming like my Izz when he was little baby, hehe.. Congratz dear wanrose and sazrin and also abang nabil...

On Sunday, because of no invitations either for wedding or open house, we decided to do mummy's know best activity; spent all day long at the mall without arah tujuan, hehe..

Started with heavy lunch at Alexis, Garden than we went for jalan-jalan window shopping at Mid Valley... While Izz had his nap inside the stroller, I bought some stuff for myself and also a wedding present for my staff at Jusco.. As for Izz, we bought him a new toy and chair from Toy 'r' Us.. Just before we entered the toys store, he woke up; that clever little boy knows when the right time to spend his parents money lah..

peace from little boy and yes, peace dia with 4 fingers up
father n son
izz favorite drink; sky juice aka air suam
lunch at alexis; fish n chips and peperoni pizza
dessert; tastier pavlova
Before leaving, we had an ice cream as a dessert.. Actually, I was looking for Tutti Frutti but Mid Valley doesn't have it, frust ok!!  

budak comot makan ice cream
izz taknak balik, wanted for more ice cream
mother n son.. notice how comot he was after ice cream time, hehe
So that's how I spent my last weekend, sound boring huh, hehehe but I love it; quality time with family ^_^ woot woot


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