Izz and his Pet

Hehehe seriously, I sangat busy.. I just finished with my paper work and I have about hmmm 1/2 an hour before present it infront of board members.. But still have time to blogging right, hahaha...

Today, I wanna introduce u to our new ahli keluarga merangkap pet for little Izzy; Mr Fish erkkk fish masuk kategori pet ke??? 

guppy fish inside balang kuih raya, hahaha
We've thought of this 'pet thing' idea long time ago at the moment Izz can pronounce CAT clearly.. And waiting for the right time for Izz to understand that pet is for u to play with and to take care of, pet is not for eating, gigiting or any other bad actions that little monster are capable to do.. Because limitation of space at our home, cat or any other living creature with furry not really a good idea so we came out with guppy fish; easy to manage, need small space and tough little creature..

After couple of weeks, I personally think Izz got along very well with his little buddy..

happy boy with his buddy
I selalu confused bila Izz said "ish", sometimes he means fish, peace or Izz (himself) *pengsan*



mama_umar_maryam said...

yelah mar,i think i shud buy 1 fish 4 umar jugak,tp pikir2 balik,since kejadian turtle kecik dah yg arwah dibaling dek umar tuh,buat aku kene pikir pjggg,hehehe

HaNiE said...

hahaha budak2 mmg camtu, izz banyak kali main celup2 tangan dalam air ikan, janji dia tak terbalikkan balang tu dh lah...