Birthday Dinner at The Loaf, Pavillion

Salam, Happy Saturday all ^_^

Hmmm sebab last Thursday was my birthday, so today I nak share pasal makan2 tajaan en. suami.. And because I malas nak menaip and also I'm running out of time ni, kita tengok gambar je la yek, hehehe alah korang pon bukan rajin nak membaca I mengarut kan ^_^

First of all; peace from budak comot ni
us at Pavillion (me with my naked face, owhh mummy looks old!!)
The Loaf; marvelous food
hubby so fascinated with the mineral bottle, I bought it once at Tapah's RnR (erkk kalo tak silap lah)
my food, beef something (tak ingat lah)
hubbys, mmg sedap gila seafood pasta nih!!!
tiramisu for dessert, nyumm

Thanks sayang for the lovely birthday dinner, walaupon ur planning tak jadi and we had to angkut si kecik Izz sekali, tapi its ok, i really enjoy it... Thanks again..

And also to all ur thoughtful  wishes my beloved friends.. U all make my day ^_^


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mama_umar_maryam said...

mar,heppy belated besday!!!