Raya's Preparation

Hello readers,      
How’s your raya preparation? Yup, we still have like hmm another 2 weeks but it’s much easy to settle it early rather than make your life miserable at the end of the Ramadan, right ^_^ hahaha it’s sound just like me      
I’ve made a promise to myself not to over spend for the raya’s stuffs that I’m not really need like what I’ve always done before, hahaha.. So for this year, only one baju kurung, that all.. No new shoe, no new handbag or other things.. Really hope that I can be keras hati everytime we pass by the booth with gorgeous baju kurung!!!! -___-      
As for my toddler, I already sent the kain that we bought ages ago at Bandung for his baju melayu and I think it will ready to be collected soon.. Izz will wear the same colour of baju melayu with his abah, they gonna be so cute and adorable lah!! Both of them, tee hee...
By the way, our colour for this year is light purple    
Other things that I need to look and buy for Izz are samping, songkok, shoe, t-shirt and maybe some jeans.. I’ve bought new sandal for him yesterday at One Utama..
Beside that, I’m gonna buy something for mak and abah and Tomin too.. Still don’t have any idea yet but most probably baju raya la..    
On kuih raya, hmmmmm I will make some kesian face in front of mama and definitely she will give me some of her signature handmade cookies, hahahaha..   
Planning to do some shopping tomorrow, maybe at PKNS..     
See u guys, happy merdeka day!!! yeay     

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