Movie : Salt

Last Friday, we went to watch movie at Wangsa Walk.. Ada few movie yang interesting but we decided to watch Salt, maybe because it was an action thriller movie or sebab heroinnya si Angelina Jolie berbibir sexy tu, well ask my hubby ^_^

Movie yang sangat gempak and make my heart throb rapidly, memang first class la actionnya.. At first, the movie was quite confusing but thru the end baru la nampak sapa yang angel (of course la angelina kan) and sape yang evil...

But I'm really sorry, I dont have a time untuk review this movie coz I've lot of paperwork nak check ni so I just copy the synopsis from here

Two years prior, CIA agent Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is shown being tortured in a North Korean prison. Despite the harsh interrogation techniques used against her, she doesn't break. Shortly after, she is remanded to U.S. custody via a 'spy swap' under the protection of her CIA boss and friend, Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber). He reveals he had to acknowledge her cover and get her out of North Korea at the behest of her husband, who didn't know that she officially worked for the CIA.

The events turn to the present day. Upon hearing that an unknown Russian agent has defected, Winter orders Salt to do the interrogation. Also present for the debriefing is Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an ONCIX agent. Salt interrogates the Russian defector, Orlov, who tells her about his work on the Russian sleeper spy program dubbed "KA-12", and about "Day X", an operation organized since the Cold War, which will lead to the destruction of the United States. Orlov then reveals that at the funeral of the late Vice President in New York City, the visiting Russian President will be killed by a trained Russian spy named Evelyn Salt. Salt, who is shaken up at the accusation, attempts to contact her husband Mike, a German arachnologist, fearing that he might be in danger as well. 

Meanwhile, Orlov escapes, prompting Salt to escape herself— and thereby causing the CIA to think she really is a spy. She flees back to her apartment and finds her husband missing. Salt resumes and grabs essentials as well as a venomous spider. After barely escaping a frantic highway pursuit, Salt takes a bus to New York City. The next morning, she sneaks into the heavily guarded St. Bartholomew's Church where the Vice President's funeral is being held and shoots the Russian President. She then encounters Peabody where she surrenders, but swiftly escapes NYPD custody.

A series of flashbacks show Salt growing up in the Soviet Union where Orlov taught her and many other children to obey him and ingratiate themselves into the American government. Then, when it came to Day X, he would command them to strike from various positions in the US. Salt meets Orlov who congratulates her on her killing. He brings her to a river barge, where he tests her allegiance by having another agent kill Mike right in front of her. Salt appears to be unaffected by this, thus passing Orlov's test. He then tells her Part Two of Day X, which would involve seizing the United States' stock of nuclear weapons. Salt, who had gone to Orlov only to discover his plans, kills him and everyone else on the barge. She then goes to the rendezvous set up by Orlov to meet his mole within NATO.

The NATO mole, and a disguised Salt gain entrance to the White House. Once inside, her NATO counterpart suddenly starts shooting at Secret Service agents and detonates a bomb. The Secret Service, along with Winter, rush the President to the lower bunker of the White House. Meanwhile, the President, believing Russia is preparing a nuclear strike against the US, begins to transmit the launch codes from the nuclear football. Salt infiltrates the bunker and dispatches the bodyguards. Winter picks up a gun and kills everyone but the President, whom he knocks unconscious.

He then explains to an astonished Salt that he was part of Orlov's plan all along, as he was also a product of the KA-12 program. Winter then uses the nuclear football to start the sequence for launching nuclear missiles at Tehran and Mecca. Salt asks Winter to let her in but before he opens the door, a news program reveals that the Russian President is not dead, but only placed in a near-death state from spider venom. He realizes that Salt is not on his side but she manages to break in, and after an intense struggle, she succeeds in knocking him down. Just after she manages to abort the nuclear missile launch set up by Winter, agents break in and arrest her. Winter goes free, but later Salt uses her chains to break his neck before she is roughly subdued by Secret Service agents who take her into custody again.

Salt is put on a helicopter with Peabody, and explains everything to him. A skeptical Peabody finally accepts she is telling the truth after he receives an SMS saying that her fingerprints were found at the barge, confirming her betrayal to Orlov. They both know that there are other moles out there, and Peabody agrees to let her escape, so she can find and kill them. He uncuffs her and Salt jumps into the river below, free once more.

Seriously, this movie sangat terbaekkkkk, percaya la!!! memang tak rugi untuk ditonton, hehehhe...... 

4 1/2 bintang..



dbalkis said...

woit ko asyik tgk movie..Isz g mane?

HaNiE said...

cam biase ar, bibik dia kan ada, hehehe