Miss Universe 2010

The Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant was held yesterday at Las Vegas and as we know the winner goes to Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete..

miss universe 2010 (mexico)
First runner up;
Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillips

Second runner up;

Miss Australia Jasinta Campbell (also awarded as Miss Congeniality)

Miss Photogenic;

Miss Thailand

Beside that, I would like to share bout this article that I found it from here

If you’re looking for Miss Universe topless photos, don’t worry, there’s plenty of them. The only thing is, however, unlike beauty pageant scandals from the past, these photos have been officially released, and photographed for the Miss Universe pageant. Is Donald Trump avoiding potential scandals by nipping it in the bud?

One of the Miss Universe 2010 contestants who chose to take her photos topless is Miss USA Rima Fakih. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised since the liberal Muslim also made a soft porn film that was quickly removed from MySpace after she won the crown. There was also that issue of her pole dancing. Conscientious of how devout Muslims may feel regarding her choice to have her bare breasts photographed she assured those who may be concerned that she cupped her breasts and was shot from behind.

The photo shoot took several hours and the models were painted with body paint and there’s no doubt that the pageant contestants who decided to go topless did so for the publicity.

Miss USA

speechless  -__-  


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