Get Well Cookies

Hello peeps!!!

I do know about Fortune Cookies that popular among Chinese but here in Prince Court or Food and Beverage department to be exact, they giving all the patient this cookies; Get Well Cookies.. cute and yummy too!!!

It's taste likes oats with some nuts and raisins...  
"sending you many warm thoughts and good wish for a quick recovery"

See the cute little patient, soooo into the cookies, so I can swear the cookies are really good taste and crunchy, hahahaha....
"I love the cookie" face

p/s : motip entry cookies time bulan puasa?? huhuhu i'm on leave ^_^  
from work, i mean!!!



mama_umar_maryam said...

cookies tu psiko je tu mar,hehehe,bagi cpt sehat izz tu ..cian dier

dbalkis said...

ada secret notes tak dalam cookies tu? ke Izz makan kertas gud wishes tu skali? hehe..mungkin yang jenis ko ni dia dah tulis kat plastik kot. ada yang aku dapat cny dulu, kertas kata2 tu dalah setiap paket..