Fasting at PCMC

Guess where mummy and abah are going to break their fast today? Here at Prince Court, yeay say thanks to me clap clap

Izzy's sakit face.. alololo

Yes, I'm at PCMC now.. Izz having slightly fever and wheezing and also a throat infection.. First, doctor said he might be suffering with pneumonia but the result from his x-ray was clear from lung infection.. 

And after run another observation, doctor found a few syndromes related with a hand, foot and mouth disease..  I can't tell more for now, not before I get the accurate info from the expert.. I also don't have any clue for how long we Izz will be in this isolated room, arghh I miss my office's flat computer already, hahaha

Doakan my baby ya!!

Hubby still at work and I wondering what meal for our breaking-fast today, really hope no pizza or burger T_T muak ok!!



dbalkis said...

aiyoyo..apecer Izz? Camne nak gather2 weekend ni. Moga Izz cepat sembuh to meet the othe Izz, Emma and Nabil..

HaNiE said...

ntah la, dugaan untuk mummy n abah dia di bulan pose yg mulia ini...

dia ok jek, masih lasak spt biasa tapi dah makin kurus, ohh aku yg nak diet sebenarnya, dia plak yg kurus, hehehe

tu la, tgk la camne, kalau jumaat dah blh kuar wad, boleh la kami join bersama...