Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!!!

I only have a few minutes before this entry will be expired, so i need to be fast as i can ^_^ hehehe...

First thing first,


Secondly, let the pictures do the talking coz im running out of time, hahaha aci tak??

I tried to make this small birthday celebration as a surprise to Hubby but i failed again, hua hua hua.. We waited for him at Kinokuniya and when I told him that we already at KLCC, he quite surprise.. After that we went to Chillis for dinner.. I thought of let the expert do the bring-the-cake-while- singing- happy-birthday-song things will run smoothly but the waiter suddenly approached us and asking if I want the candle or not and what is birthday boy name... Hahaha fail lah....

Birthday boy

The birthday cake

Birthday meals from chillis

Birthday boy with Wifey

Birthday boy with baby

Ok, ini masuk cerita lain... Sementara tunggu Abah turun dari opis, Mummy sangat penat melayan little Izz yang sangat suka mengexplore benda baru, lari-lari sambil jerit-jerit panggil orang, membuat cubaan naik ekslator, mengemas buku kat Kinokuniya, bila Mummy dukung dia mula mengeliat2 nak turun..... Hobi baru Izz sekarang adalah berlari, phewwww penat Mummy Abah kejar (Mummy tengok je)


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