KLUANG RailCoffee

On our way back to KL last Sunday, we had a coffee break at the Kluang RailCoffee; a famous place for all coffee lovers. Actually that was our three, four, five erkkk I’ve lost count for how many times we’ve been there ^_^ hubby seems so addicted to that coffee shop. After realizing about the halalness issues for the coffee shop or known as kopitiam in major news papers recently, we become more selective about the place to fulfill our craving ness of toast breads and luscious coffee itself. This shop is located at Kluang Railway Station.

We reached Kluang town at 2 p.m and the coffee shop only be open at 2.30 p.m, meanwhile that we just lepaking at the station to kill the time. Some of the photos taken there, peace ^_^

mummy and son

A must try menus;
ice coffee, toast bread, toast bun and nasi lemak..



Irma Ruhani said...

aku pun suke makan kat sini. kopi dia best gilerrrrrr.

dbalkis said...

lagi2 kat sini..sini2 kat lagi...

HaNiE said...


haah, best!! sebelum ni aku minum teh ais tapi bila aku try kopi ais mmg terbaiiikkk!!!


sini2 kat2 lagi2... tapi mmg best wooooo