RIP at home

Hello readers,

Missing me huh?..... Huhuhu perasan yek!!!!

Im at home now, the nice lady doc gave me a whole week m.c because im having eye infection, pity me? please dont be.... Dian and Niena were also at my home now because Kak Ninie having a training course at TM Training Centre KL, what a coincidence!! hehe

So for a start, we had our facial treatment on Monday.. tawaf Pavillion on Tuesday.. lawatan sambil belajar to Ampang Park and continue to KLCC on Wednesday... As for today, we re planning to shopping at Sogo and kawasan sekitar...

I bumped into Siti Nurhaliza last Tuesday at KLIA, not really her fanatic fan but I took a picture with her because everyday just done that.. By the way, MIL already flew to Spain for her yearly holiday, bravo mama!!! I hope one day I can be like her, having a great escape to foreign countries all over the world but with my loved ones la....

Okla, need to be ready for shopping trip, hahaha poyo.. See u guys in next entry, hope it gonna be more informative ~~~uwekkkk~~~

p/s : for my colleague readers, plz buat-buat tak bace this entry ye and jangan bilang sama boss dong!!!!

xoxo luv,

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dbalkis said...

woit..jalan2 dengan sakit mata ke?sangat le tidak real sakit mata mu..hehe..