Mummy Little Boy


Before I forgot what to tell and before the time running far away from me, lets share a snippet about mummy little boy....
  • Iskandar will turns 10 months in another 3 more days...
  • We just discovered that he has his first little-tiny-white tooth yesterday and its really make mummy so exited...
  • He can understand simple instruction like waving his hand when we say bye bye
  • He will geleng-geleng his head when we say no
  • Kiss with open mouth plus saliva when we say kiss kiss
  • His weight drop to 8.4 kg only!!! comparing to his 9 months weight which is 8.7 kg
  • Still on breast milk but only God knows till when it will remain because my production is tremendously decrease day to day
Iskandar 9 month and 2 week old

Iskandar and Raisya Arianna



Inty Winty said...

makcik, apasal supply kurang? berusahalah! hehe.

HaNiE said...

ntah la, tua dah kot... hehe