BIrthday Dinner at Tamarind Spring

Hello guys!!! How are u doing today (haha dah macam talk show plak, over tau!!)

As I have mentioned in my previous entry, my Hubby did surprised me on my birthday last week. We had a romantic candle light dinner at Tamarind Spring, a unique Indo-Chinese restaurant located at Jalan Kolam Air and near by the Darul Ehsan Club at Ampang. It's a wonderful place surrounded by forest. The entrance is small but u will be amaze as u walk along the walkway to the restaurant.

The appetizer was not bad and the main course was sooo delicious especially the asparagus sup and lobster (two thumb up!!)... We were too full for desert and after mr Hubby made a payment we took some of the pictures there.

some of the Indo-chinese decorations
our meal

u should try it yourself!!! its fun and romantic, hehehehe
till then, daaaaa!!!!!

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