The Power of Pictures

If you notice my previous entry all without pictures as supporting elements, it’s because the side effect from delivering my son eight month ago, some of my brain nerves were severed already so I’m hardly remember where I’ve put the camera’s cable. But thanks for the new era technology so I still can copy all the pictures through in-build card reader in my laptop (hahaha I just found that device after being told by Dian)

So for this entry, more pictures (in no particular order) and less blather (sujud!!!!)

Iskandar's latest pic (besar dah anak mummy)

Come do groceries with me!!

Please hire me as your personal shopper

Auwwwww!!! no picture please

Outside of zoo negara, for nappy change

First swimming session at mama dayang condo

My first thought of that pink pelampung, wooo its cute but weird

My second thought was, waaa its so helpful

After that, I was thinking of buying it

Izz hated cool water, ishh ishh ishh

Izz's first solid food (big NO for avocado)

Izz had fever

right after he swim at cool swimming pool (poor my baby)

sweet & sour


dinner at putrajaya seafood

nice place but hard to find it

little giggle

1.2.3 smile!!!!

wore chef's hat (cute aight?)


Izz with his first ball

the lucky laki

with Abah

Me in the ERL to KLIA for my first outstation's trip after having kid

p/s : please dont vomit anything after seeing all this pictures, will you?? see ya in next entry.... muahhhhh


Carrie-Ma said...

salam mar,

ko mmg mar, sengal! hahaha. jgn marah, pose kan, xleh marah2.

dah besar izz ek? huhu. bila la leh tgk n dukung dia.

tp kan mar, dulu masa kecik au tgk mcm muka ko. skrg dah besar skit, mcm muka zali lak hehehe. nnti aku tgk real, mcm muke sape lak ek?

HaNiE said...

hahaha biase ar sengal sekali sekala, ke mmg memang sentiasa sengal, erkkkkkk......

tu la ko, bile ntah nk jumpe kitorg, nanti lelame dah pandai jalan anak aku tu, penat plak ko nak mengejar.... rasenye bile tengok real macam brad pitt plak la, cam tom cruise pun ade sket-sket... hua hua hua