Understanding Your Child's Early Development

Last Friday, I went to Price Court with lil baby Izz for his 6 month jabs, just 2 of us ya coz Izz’s dearest Abah left us to Bandung with his friends (haha I’ll mention it like mmmmmm forever la) so while chatting with Izz’s paed Dr Sharmila (sexy-hot-like-Helle Berry) she invites me to this event;

Understanding Your Child’s Early Development on 18 July 2009

Since these events are free talk and free admission, so on behalf of PCMC (haha unpointed duta) I would like to invite all of u my friends to join me and hope we’ll gain as much information for our beloved children development. This talk is ideal for parents with children 0-4 years old, mother-to-be and newlywed couples.

Im also giving a free service for your child caretaker / baby-sit for that day, everything will be handle by Mr Hubby <-------------- just kidding but seriously; Abah, sila jaga Izz, Mummy nak bersuka ria di PCMC dan Pavillion, huhuhu heaven!!!!
Below is more info about the event;

so guys, what are waiting for? lets join me..... No, not u sayang. Sila jaga Izz baik-baik....

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