Burung Enggang Show = RM150

How much u have to pay to watch a good movie?
RM 10

How much u will spend to have a nice coffee and some toast bread at ur favorite coffee shop?
RM 50

How much the fuel cost from ur house to the nearest shopping complex plus the parking fees?
RM 20

What is the price for the fine toy that u will purchase for ur little baby at toys store?
RM 50

If my lovely Hubby give RM 150 for me to do all the things mention above, I still have RM 20 for miscellaneous, right?

But NO, he didn’t gave that RM 150 to me instead he gave it to unknown person randomly in traffic jam at outskirt of Shah Alam, just because he fully pre-occupied with a flying object he called burung-enggang-yang-misteri and forgot to change the car’s gear so our new brand WISH had been hitting a MyVi in front of us.

I still remember what the mamat-yang-mungkin bawak-MyVi-maknya have said to us;

Apa ni bang, tenggah jam pun langgar ke?

Well, that was the price u has to pay for the burung enggang show. LOL

Adakah ini burung enggang misteri yang dimaksudkan oleh En. Suami?

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