Izz Jatuh Katil

Panjang sungguh weekend kami.... Sabtu, ahad macam biasa, campur Isnin dapat M.C and Selasa I took E.L.... 4 lazy days make me even more reluctant to start my working day this week, I prefer to be at home right now with my not-so-little-baby-anymore... What a life!!!!

Oh well, me and Hubby akhirnya got chance to watch Tranformers : Revenge of The Fallen movie (yeah I know, we a little bit tertinggal keretapi but what do u aspect after having a kid) plus Harry Porter and the Half-Blood Prince last Monday, a nice doctor gave us the m.c together-together (mind u, my Hubby really had a fever and sore throat but me, I just fine with minor flu only). After sent Izz to Nenek Wok we went straight to Galaxy and stay still from 2 p.m until 7.30 p.m...

Basically, we were so happy with BumbleBee and Megan Fox but why Optimus Prime’s appearance just lite-lite? Nway, I felt satisfied with this movie, a first movie we watched after having Izz, not bad right? Thanks besi buruk....

Next is Harry Porter, hmmm my first question is what the HELL Hermoine Granger fall into Ron Weasly? sungguh tak sesuweiii and I quite sad when Dumbledore died, what a waste!! I’m not writing a preview here but what I can say is this movie is a kick-start for their new journey to search the remaining Horcruxes and hopes to destroy it before he meets his own demise at the hands of the Dark Lord.

Beside that, perkara yang kami sangat takut akhirnya terjadi jugak, on 28 July 2009, at 4.15 a.m at the age of 6 months 4 week : IZZ JATUH KATIL!!!!! ....

At 4.15 in the morning we heard something fallen down, gedebuk.... and I woke up in hurry to see my baby, in my mind already know that mesti Izz jatuh katil and I were so right, so dengan pantasnya I grab him yang dah telungkup and offer the boobs and he just nenen and continue his sleeping without any bunyi, no nangis at all, alhamdullilah Izz tak lebam and bengkak just a little bit merah at his nose but that merah just disappeared in the morning. But to overcome my guilty, I took E.Lyesterday to spent a whole day with Izz and just wanna make sure he’s really in good condition.....

To Iskandar,

Mummy really sorry dear because being so careless and forgot to fastness the bed with bolster like Mummy usually do while u are sleeping. Please don’t use this to against Mummy when u wants more allowance someday, it will not work!!!!

Mummy and Abah are really love u, we will protect u from any danger and harm and we hope can provide the strongest shield so u won’t face any injury more. Be safe my darling....

Luv, Mummy


How do I look?

Iskandar new look, without hair.. Still cute, aight? But if kena sondol ngan budak botak ni sakit la gak sebab kepalanye tajam-tajam.....


The Old Me

U know what I miss the most right now? The old ME.........

From this

all because

Sila rasa bersalah!!!


Understanding Your Child's Early Development

Last Friday, I went to Price Court with lil baby Izz for his 6 month jabs, just 2 of us ya coz Izz’s dearest Abah left us to Bandung with his friends (haha I’ll mention it like mmmmmm forever la) so while chatting with Izz’s paed Dr Sharmila (sexy-hot-like-Helle Berry) she invites me to this event;

Understanding Your Child’s Early Development on 18 July 2009

Since these events are free talk and free admission, so on behalf of PCMC (haha unpointed duta) I would like to invite all of u my friends to join me and hope we’ll gain as much information for our beloved children development. This talk is ideal for parents with children 0-4 years old, mother-to-be and newlywed couples.

Im also giving a free service for your child caretaker / baby-sit for that day, everything will be handle by Mr Hubby <-------------- just kidding but seriously; Abah, sila jaga Izz, Mummy nak bersuka ria di PCMC dan Pavillion, huhuhu heaven!!!!
Below is more info about the event;

so guys, what are waiting for? lets join me..... No, not u sayang. Sila jaga Izz baik-baik....


Where are u????

Not really into mood of blogging rite now, still didn’t found that wayar-transfer-gambar, demit!!!!! I have a lot to story about; Izz first swimming session, a story of abundant wifey and son by the husband who’s went to shopping at Bandung with friends. <------ its ME!!

Okla, please pray for my success ness to search that wayar, huisshh where the HELL are u???


Burung Enggang Show = RM150

How much u have to pay to watch a good movie?
RM 10

How much u will spend to have a nice coffee and some toast bread at ur favorite coffee shop?
RM 50

How much the fuel cost from ur house to the nearest shopping complex plus the parking fees?
RM 20

What is the price for the fine toy that u will purchase for ur little baby at toys store?
RM 50

If my lovely Hubby give RM 150 for me to do all the things mention above, I still have RM 20 for miscellaneous, right?

But NO, he didn’t gave that RM 150 to me instead he gave it to unknown person randomly in traffic jam at outskirt of Shah Alam, just because he fully pre-occupied with a flying object he called burung-enggang-yang-misteri and forgot to change the car’s gear so our new brand WISH had been hitting a MyVi in front of us.

I still remember what the mamat-yang-mungkin bawak-MyVi-maknya have said to us;

Apa ni bang, tenggah jam pun langgar ke?

Well, that was the price u has to pay for the burung enggang show. LOL

Adakah ini burung enggang misteri yang dimaksudkan oleh En. Suami?


Iskandar : 6 months

Alhamdullilah, my lil IsIs dah masuk 6 bulan last week, hows fast time flies.... In my mind sekarang terfikir how will I react bile in the future Izz cakap " Mummy, Izz nak kawin "huishhhhh verangan....

A bit on his milestone;

1. Izz dah boleh roll over dengan jayanya - memang bahaya nak tinggal dia atas katil unattend, takut nanti tiba-tiba dah tergolek dog kat bawah

2. Duduk for short while sebelum menghampaskan badan ke belakang - bahaya jugak

3. Menyibukkan diri time kami makan

4. Mencapai apa sahaja yang sempat - stuff kat rak supermarket

5. Tarik rambut orang - janggut for Abah n Atuk

6. Naik walker dan bergerak ke tepi dan ke belakang

7. Suka melepak depan rumah - according to Nenek Wok la

8. Suka gi jalan-jalan - easier for us la compare mase awal-awal dulu, nak keluar rumah pun malas sebab takut Izz mengamuk tapi sekarang kalo tak keluar plak dia buat perangai, ikut sapa tatauuu, hehehe

9. Ketawa mengekek2 kalo kena agah - especially with Abah

10. Izz is a morning person - he wakes up early and be all smiles and makes me fell guilty in an instant for going to work and leave him with Makcik Wok. I think it may have got something to do with his time of birth, but obviously not applicable to me and Hubby because we both also born in the morning but still having problem waking up in the morning, huhuhu

11. Buat muka sedeh/taknak tengok bila Mummy drop dia kat umah Nenek Wok

I think mostly dah listed down tapi if ade yang tertinggal nanti update lagi.....

On breast feeding;

  • Kalau dikira-kira sepanjang 6 bulan usia Izz ni ada lah kurang dari 10 botol FM yang dia minum (masa newborn n masa Mummy kena operate), so boleh consider exclusive BF kan? hehehe nak jugak tu.... Walau pape pun, Im so proud of myself for being psycho dengan BF ni and sanggup do anything untuk pastikan Izz dapat nutrien yang terbaik, tak kira la kena bebel ke, kena kutuk ke, kena keluarkan duit beli macam-macam utk boosted milk supply, kena buat muka bodo mintak excuse keluar meeting sekejap nak pump susu n lain-lain, semua saya redah je

  • If ikut my short term plan on BF ni, paling minimum sampai Izz 6 bulan jek tapi as long my milk ada, I'll continue la, benda baik kan, kita teruskan je la.... Just saya taknak dah jadi tension2 n psycho kan diri sebab stok EBM yang makin susut n tak cukup untuk Izz if I have to go for outstation <----- ini terpakai untuk Mama Dhani jugak

  • After this onwards Izz already starts on his solid food, so my passion now adalah memasak untuk si jantung hati kucil ku itewww Abah masak sendirik yek huhuhu

Oklah, enuf for today.... Nak masukkan gambar Izz tapi tak tau la mana pegi wayar tranfer ni, later later la eh..... Daaaaaa