Iskandar : 3 months

My baby turns 3 months today, hoooray!!!! Alhamdullilah, no broken bones or serious injury occured so far :-) **touch wood**

A bit on his milestone as for now;

  • he smiles and laughs now, especially when be tickled and agah
  • likes to watch TV, any channel also can but Mummy said TV is not good for Izz, hehehe
  • very babbly, in his language la and almost of the time its sound like aaaa ge ge ge
  • discover his hands and feet - always kicking and become more active when he gets exited
  • making bubble with his saliva
  • put the whole hand (penumbuk) in mouth
  • making sound like arghhhhh after cough - so cute
  • still cannot meniarap and sometime when we turn him to his tummy, after a few minutes he will cry - Abah said Izz dont want to meniarap, he will jalan terus, hehehe
  • always want to be carry, if put him down he will cry and scream
  • hard to coax him to sleep and its hard also to wake him up

Enjoy Izz's pictures;

2 months old

1 month old

0 month old

To Izz Iskandar Muhammad,
Mummy and Abah really love u and we are so blessed for having you to make our sweet night dream impossible now days shine our live... Thank to Allah Al-Mighty to this incredible present....

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ninie's corner said...

tembamnye pipi dia........rindu kat iskandar la.......