Mummy's Dilemma

Sorry for the long silent, been a really really tiring days lately. I'm still trying to cope with my new roll and environment without a proper helper; sometimes I've felt lost, helpless and hopeless... Well, I learnt my way to become a better Mummy to my baby :-)

Many things that I never thought before but I have to deal with it now and sometimes make me wonder and think deeply about life, love and family. But beside that, it gonna be one of my sweet memories forever and ever.....

I’ve got lot of questions but still don’t have the answers yet;

1. Izz will wake up twice every night around 2-3 a.m and 4-6 a.m, and it takes almost 2 hour to coax him to fall sleep again; why babies like to give their parents a late work at the night?

2. In my confinement period which is now, I’m just wearing socks, kain batik and bengkung (sometimes). I always heard that in confinement period people always wear all I’ve mentioned above plus pilis, param, tungku, ikat rambut tinggi, bath with akar kayu, eat jamu, drink air kunyit, jalan kepit and the lists goes on; am I a normal person? Is that any effects if I don’t do all the pantang things?

3. I’m trying to breast feed Izz exclusively but “people around me” keep telling me to give my baby a formula milk and my Hubby already bought one, it make me cried; my milk is for my baby and cow’s milk are made for their calf, why it so difficult to accept?

4. Izz had colic and he cried and cried and cried but Mummy doesn’t have any clue what really happen to him. After an hour he felt asleep but Mummy still cried because I felt such a loser because can’t understand my own baby. “People around me” told that he had colic and I need to burp him after feeding which I’ve done it; how exactly to burp babies? What should Mummy do if my baby gets colic?

5. Izz develop some sort like rashes at his face, reddish and looks like a gatal ones and “people around me” accused that I’m taking a jamu, but nooooo, I’m didn’t took any jamu at all, yes I did bought it but I’m not eat any; my mum asked me to eat jamu for my own inner strength but here I’m not allowed to eat that, well ok than.

These past few weeks was really tough to me, too many unexpected things happen but no worries, its already past :-) thanks a lot to “people around me”, my family, my Hubby and my friends (especially to Mummy Emma and Mummy Dhani)

So, I’m going back to my own lovely hometown tomorrow, hooooray, will finish my saki baki pantang there also planned to do akikah for Izz.....

Meanwhile, enjoy Izz’s latest pictures, I’m sooooo show my baby off, hehehehe


Carrie-Ma said...

all i can say...SABAR :)

fingerscrossed said...

So cute...


I guess there are a lot to learn to be a parent...

Anyway, congratz

A.Y.U.N.I.E said...

aku baru ader kesempatan baca blog ko nie..
pasal susu, the best way is breastfeed coz orang cakap its better n nak bagi antibodi baby kuat...cuma lau nak bagi formula milk pun leh senang untuk ko biler dah keje nanti..
pasal raches baby tue, its normal..coz baby nak coop ngan environment skang nie..b4 this dah lama sangat dok dalam kepompong die..tapi try letak baby oil...
itu jer yang aku tau..hehehehe

Diyanazman said...

1)babies mmg camtu...dia taktau siang bila, malam bila..

2)pantang memang elok pada pendapat aku. kalau ko tak dapat buat semua tu, at least ko bertungku sekali sehari k? share pengalaman aku, aku bertungku 2 kali sehari 45hari pantang.

3)ko buat bodoh je orang cakap apa, bila baby lapar, bawak masuk bilik dan breastfeed. sayang giler dalam pantang dah campur formula... try fully breastfeed dulu! goodluck!

4)i dont really know coz anak aku tak kembung la pulak. tapi cara burp ialah letak dia kat bahu ko dan gosok blkg dia sampai sendawa. lagi satu buat urutan "I love U" kat perut Izz, pakai minyak Yu Yee Cap Limau. insya Allah, baby akan senang kentut dan poopoo!

5)itu eczema!! bukan sebab makan jamu tapi sebab ko makan makanan yg gatal macam telur,ikan2 yg gatal, ayam atau apa2 makanan bergantung pada ko atau Izz alergic apa. Eczema mmg kena pantang. Pergi jumpa paed mintak ubat. Lagi satu jgn bagi susu basah kat pipi dia. pastikan muka Izz sentiasa kering. Lepas nenen lap muka dengan tuala n air suam. Ni pengalaman aku sebab Miki pun ada eczema.

Mar, jangan tension k? kalau apa2 telefon aku k?
take care!


HaNiE said...
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