Happy Birthday

I'm turning 26 today!!!!


Helooooo I'm the birthday gurl!!!! (apasal macam chubby sangat jek ni)
Dinner treat at Chilli's (thanks dear Hubby.. muah.. muah)
Ice lemon tea for me and lime juice for him...

My meal - chicken + corn + fries...

Supper at Old Town White Coffee (yummmy!!!)
Mirror reflection (nampak my belly tak? hohoho dah besar)

Pic standard dalam car (again!!!!)

Us at home (sila abai yang sepah-sepah tu ye)

1st bracelet from Hubby

Flower (sepatutnya delivery to office but since I'm at home dat time, so delivered to home jek la)

My new gadget (gift for myself)

Me with lovely flower.....

All the birthday gifts.......

Im happy with my 26th Birthday... Credit to dear Hubby, eventho without a big celebration or surprice party but a sweet dinner treat was more than enough to me....

Thanks to all the wishes thru sms, email and call.... I luv U all

- xoxoxoxo-

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