My 7 months

Helooooo there!!! Just a quick update on my lil one....

Before that, thanks for attending our Aidilfitri’s open house yesterday, obviously my Hubby’s friends la.. Mine only Dayang n family, sob sob sob sedeh ooooooo, tak baik tau korang....

Last Saturday, met Pn. Doc for monthly checkup…. Everything just ok but the lil one refused to show the face, it is ok dear; we will give u time to develop a cutey/macho one like Mummy (or Abah????) Lil one weight about 1.3 kg but Mummy gained almost 11 kg for this past 7 months (omg beratnya la; help….help)

Mummy also experiencing all the pregnancy discomforts lately; shortness of breath (I can’t talk so fast anymore), leg cramps, heartburn, mood swing and the list goes on. But thank God, all these annoyances are temporary only. Well on the other problem that can be souvenir for the rest of my life is STRETCH MARKS; and I got it, not only one line but many, but what to do, I just pasrah about it la (Im using a cocoa butter cream since my early stage of pregnancy, well my skin is not elastic enough, tho)

p/s : almost 2 months to go.... go mummy go....


In Memory - Kak Mona

Yesterday evening, I got a sms from C.K about Kak Mona’s critical condition at HUKM. After Maghrib, when I checked my hp, another sms from C.K, she already gone, left us to meet Allah Al-Mighty. Al-Fatihah.....

Monaliza Hamzah – my PTD’s friend, sama-sama in same Sidang B, intelligent and smart lady..... Allah s.w.t lebih sayangkan dia. Semoga damai di sana.....

13 Oktober 2008 bersamaan 13 Syawal 1429H

p/s : We don't know when is our time :-) hope we can always ready for that.... Amin


My Breaking Fast Events

Ini adalah entry tertunda, about my bukak puasa events sepanjang Ramadhan yang lepas. Due to my kurang rajin mood to typing a stori mori, so lets pictures do the talking (takde la banyak sangat pics pun)

Our first bukak puasa di luar, snap gambar dalam kereta jek, masa makan2 lupe nak bawak camera. Restoran Arab at Jalan Damai – Restoran Andalusia

Bukak puasa with my friends at Amarin Havenly Thai, Mid Valley....

L-R : Aliff, Me n Dayang

Ladies (except yg baju merah tu ek)

Selain daripada restoran2 di atas, tempat yang kami telah kunjungi seperti berikut (takde gambar ye)

Restoran Arab sebelah Restoran Andalusia – with Hubby’s friends

Tropicana Golf Club – with Hubby’s friends

Pizza Hut, Ampang Park – with Dian & Kadok

Restoran Bangi Village View - with my PTD's friends

Pic from blog rafting-b

Kedai Sandwich kat KLCC (I’ve ask Hubby to make a reservation at Chilli’s but he didn’t, grrrrrrrrrrrrr merajuk satu malam)

Rumah MIL – every weekend

Selain daripada tu, almost everyday I cooked the meal myself, cume dah last2 tu banyak yang beli kat Pasar Ramadhan jek :-)


Happy Birthday

I'm turning 26 today!!!!


Helooooo I'm the birthday gurl!!!! (apasal macam chubby sangat jek ni)
Dinner treat at Chilli's (thanks dear Hubby.. muah.. muah)
Ice lemon tea for me and lime juice for him...

My meal - chicken + corn + fries...

Supper at Old Town White Coffee (yummmy!!!)
Mirror reflection (nampak my belly tak? hohoho dah besar)

Pic standard dalam car (again!!!!)

Us at home (sila abai yang sepah-sepah tu ye)

1st bracelet from Hubby

Flower (sepatutnya delivery to office but since I'm at home dat time, so delivered to home jek la)

My new gadget (gift for myself)

Me with lovely flower.....

All the birthday gifts.......

Im happy with my 26th Birthday... Credit to dear Hubby, eventho without a big celebration or surprice party but a sweet dinner treat was more than enough to me....

Thanks to all the wishes thru sms, email and call.... I luv U all

- xoxoxoxo-



Kepada semua kami ingin mengucapkan;

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya AidilFitri 1429 H"

"Maaf Zahir & Batin"

Semoga bergembira bersama keluarga di hari lebaran yang mulia ini. Kepada anak perantau yang akan pulang ke kampung halaman, selamat memandu dan berhati-hati di jalanraya. Semoga kita semua selamat pergi dan kembali. Insya-Allah....

Salam Lebaran,

Hanie & Izali